Where To Fish In Puerto Rico – 5 Best Spots For Beginner

Do you ever feel like you need to get away from regular destination? If so, then Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for you! This beautiful island is home to some of the best fishing spots in the world. Before deciding to go, you need to know where to fish in Puerto Rico. Whether you are looking for big game or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery, there is a spot for you.

Generally, coast of Vieques and Rincon are the best spots for the beginner. These spots offer good fishing all year long with average catches. Such as snappers, groupers, and mackerels. For the more experienced angler Fajardo may be a good option.

In this content, I’m going to share with you the best 5 spots that offer great fishing experiences in Puerto Rico. Both beginner and experienced people can have a good time fishing in these spots. So, let’s get started!

Why Choose The Spots In Puerto Rico?

Why Choose The Spots In Puerto Rico?

In the North America, there are lots of fishing spots are available. Such as: Chesapeake Bay, Lake Austin and Puerto Rico. A question may appeared in your mind that why we should go to Puerto Rico for fishing? Let us give some reasons:

1) Variety of fish

You can find many different types of fish in Puerto Rico. Such as: mahi-mahi, sailfish, tuna, etc. If your market have a high demand for these fish, it’s a good idea to go fishing in Puerto Rico.

2) Good weather conditions

The weather conditions in Puerto Rico are perfect for fishing. In this spot, the water is calm and the sun is shining. This is a good environment for fish to grow.

3) Access to quality fishing equipment

Sometimes, we need to rent some useful fishing equipment. In many locations, you won’t be able to locate the equipment you require. But in Puerto Rico, there are many fishing shops which can provide you with anything you need.

I think these three reasons are enough to motivate yourself to fishing rods in this location. If your friend asks you for an explanation, these reasons will suffice.

Best 05 Spots For Fishing In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a place where there are hundreds of fishing spots available. Among them, all are not perfect for beginner. Due to targeting beginners, I’ll try to reveal such places where you can get access to all essential fishing tools and all types of fishes. Let’s see which 5 fishing spots are good for beginners in Puerto Rico.

1) Vieques


If you have less budget and time, Vieques can be your best fishing option in Puerto Rico. This place is well-known for its beaches and most importantly it’s rental tool. If you want to rent fishing equipment and kayak, then you can choose this spot.

So, what’s the big advantage of this spot? You can get all types of fishes in this place. If your market have enough demand on “Tuna Fish”, then you must try this spot. Not only tuna fish, but also you can get other types of “Cat Fish”.

So, why are you waiting for? Let’s pack your instrument today and boost your fishing skill today.

2) Culebra


Don’t know what place is suitable for you? Then I would suggest you to Culebra. This fishing spot is located in “Flamingo Bay” and it’s one of the busiest areas in Puerto Rico. Here, you can get all types of fishes easily as this place is well-known for its vast variety of fishes.

You can get boat facilities from which you can go to the open sea and enjoy fishing line. Also, there are many restaurants in Culebra from where you can get delicious seafood after a tiring day of fishing. So, you can taking your meal after your fishing is done.

You can tent facilities in Culebra. After spending a whole day, you can taka rest in your renting tent. From my experience, I would say that this is one of the best fishing spots in Puerto Rico for beginners.

3) Aguadilla Pueblo

Aguadilla Pueblo.

Do you want to spend your quality time with your family? You can do it in Aguadilla Pueblo. In this place, you can catch fish, riding kayak and doing other outdoor activities. If your ambition is only catching fish, then also this place is good for you. Here you can get all types of fishes.

You can riding horse and find your perfect location easily. Sounds cool, right? It’s not over. You can enjoy “Snorkeling Adventure”. If you have a passion on this type of adventure, then you can get all types of equipment. Guess, how much you need to pay?

You need to pay around $100 and it provides all you need for snorkeling. So, it’s a good place not only for fishing but also for doing other outdoor activities.

4) Fajardo


Do you have a vast experience on fishing? If you are a skilled person and want to boost your experience then this spot is ideal for you. To get all types of challenging fish, you have to come here. It’s also effortless to find fishes like amberjack, catfish and sailfish as well. Not only that, but you will also find a unique taste of Puerto Rican food here.

You can get boat facilities, tent facilities and equipment support. You can hire a guide and he can provide you all information about this place. He may help you to find the appropriate place for fishing. You can also enjoy a deep sleep in a tent near the bank of sea.

So, why are you waiting for? Let’s pack all the essential things and go to Fajardo for fishing.

5) Rincon


Don’t want to take a risk? Then Rincon is the safest place for you. It is one of the busiest and most popular surfing beaches on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast. If you are a beginner, you can find all the necessary things for fishing in Rincon. Also, it is a perfect place to catch big game fishes like Blue Marlin.

It may boost your fishing skill and confidence. You can also get help from the locals about which spots are good for fishing line. Rincon is not only a good place for fishing but also for surfing, scuba diving, and whale watching.

In the morning, you can get a good view of the sun rising from the Atlantic Ocean. Rincon is also a good place to enjoy the nightlife as there are many bars and nightclubs.

What Is The Best Time To Fish In Puerto Rico?

To get massive success it’s important to know the right time. Usually, May to October is the right time for fishing. Some fishermen says that the best time for big game fishing is from June to September. The most common type of fish caught off the coast of Puerto Rico is mahi-mahi. Amberjack, barracuda, blue marlin, dolphin fish, grouper etc.

You must take all the necessary precautions while fishing. Puerto Rico is known for its natural beauty, but there are some risks that come with enjoying the outdoors here. There are certain areas where you should avoid swimming. In addition, there are also dangerous animals in some areas of the island. When fishing, be sure to stay in safe areas.

Legal Issues In Puerto Rico

Before planning a trip to Puerto Rico, it is important to be aware of the island’s unique legal system. It’s important to know and be aware of these things before you travel. Let’s know some legal issues in Puerto Rico.

1) License: If you are planning to go there because of available of fish, then you need to have a license. As a beginner, many people are not aware of this. Make sure you get a license and don’t travel without it.

2) Tax: If you want to import anything in Puerto Rico, then you need to pay the tax. The tax rate is about 10%.

3) Don’t carry anything illegal: If you are carrying anything illegal, then it will be confiscated by the authorities. Before going there, be sure you don’t have anything illegal on you.

4) Respecting the locals: It is important to respect the locals when you are in Puerto Rico. Many people are not used to tourists. So it is important to be respectful.

5) Follow the rules: There are many rules and regulations that you need to follow. Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations. Don’t harass the women and children. You may caught by the Cops.

Final Word

You have almost know which place should you select for fishing. A beginner should must try at least once in his lifetime. Puerto Rico is not only perfect for fishing but also a beautiful place in the world. So, must add it in your fishing destination list.

If you want to enjoy your whole day with your family then this place can be ideal for you. Keep in mind that you should have a proper license for fishing. Otherwise, you can face some legal issues. Thanks for being with us.

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