Spinning Rod Vs Casting Rod – Exclusive Information 2023

Spinning rod vs casting rod is vital if you are a beginner angler. It’s okay; they are variations of the same theme. The main difference is the design of the reels.

Continue reading to understand the differences better. You can learn more about these common types of fishing rod styles.

Casting Rod

You can only use casting types of rods with bait casting reels. These rods mount at the top of the rods.

Bait casting reels have a great mechanic. It allows for excellent line control and casting distances. 

Casting rods extend this ability. Casting rods with line guides that feed the line to the reel’s spool. It prevents friction with the guides from causing significant conflict. The handle and fishing reel seat often have a finger rest for the index finger. It is also known as a trigger. 

This finger rest can hold the rod in place. This piece is not movable, but it provides a secure grip for casting.

Casting rods can use when the lure or bait needs to cast out and quick reeled back. One-piece casting rods are most popular with the highest strength and sensitivity.

Other options are telescopic versions. It has a part from the blank slide into the handle for easy transport and storage.

This rod and reel are famous for bass fishing adventure. But it is also suitable for other species such as walleye, pike and musky, catfish, and carp.

Casting rods can throw heavy lures. But they can also cast light terminal tackle if the reels have an adequate setup. There are light and ultra-light casting reels available.

Advantage of Casting Rod

Casting rods work better in a boat for fishing, trolling casting. You can use a casting rod even in anchoring or down-rigger fishing. Casting reels are more convenient when used with a rod holder.

They allow you to slow-release your lure and control the line. Casting reels can be helpful in precise casting situations. Moreover, you can use heavier baits with this type of rod.

What to Look For in a Casting Rod?

  • The absolute leader in many popular style of fishing techniques is the bait casting rig. It has winch-like power, laser accuracy, and remarkable precision casting action.
  • Crankbaits and jigs are two of the most efficient lures for bass fishing. They get tied onto bait casting rigs more often than spinning rigs. Its low-profile mounting makes it an ideal choice when targeting bass in heavy covers with a larger lure. Even better when grinding crankbait in large-lipped water over a main-lake point.
  • This design’s spool orientation gives anglers total control. It creates a solid feeling when fishing for a lure or pulling a lunker from its den. A baitcast reel allows anglers greater accuracy in casting. Many models offer fine-tuning options that can allow for exact targeting.
  • There are some popular baits that pair with a baitcasting rig. They are spinnerbaits, Texas-rigged worms, swimbaits, and jerk baits. Any lure with a reasonable weight is suitable for use with a baitcasting device. For lures intended to present in dense cover, a bait caster will almost always be the correct type of rig to use.

Spinning Rod

A spinning rod is a fishing pole that you can use with a spinning reel. The rod handle has a reel seat that points downward. , the reel handle locates on the rod’s bottom.

Additionally, line guides are also located on the pole’s bottom. That means they are on the same side of the reel.

 The backbone (spine) of a spinning rod runs along its top, unlike the line guides.

The spine of a fishing rod becomes stiffer, and best to handle the strain when a large size of fish bend the pole. It is always on the blank side, which is away from the fish.

Advantage of Spinning Rod

  • Spinning rods are an excellent choice for techniques that need many casts.
  • Requires a consistent, straightforward approach
  • It is the best option for beginners to fishing.

What to Look For in a Spinning Rod

  • The main benefit of spinning tackle, yet, is its ability to cast very lighter lure weight. Because of the spool orientation, the line flows off the spool without resistance. It can spill out in big loops. Spinning rods have a more extensive guide to reducing drag as the loops fall off the reel.
  • Gear Spinning is the best choice for the top water fishermen who love to use surface baits. Spinning gear allows you to cast light surface lures and buzz baits. You can also throw artificial lures with light, soft plastic fishing rigs like the ones used in finesse fishing.
  • Bait fishing is another situation where spinning gear is often preferred. A giant spinning reel can enable you to make long casts fishing.
  • Spinning gear may not have the same power as a bait casting device when fighting big fish from heavy cover. Yet, it can enable very long casts. Also, it allows anglers to fish with lighter baits such as poppers and small worms.
  • Long spinning rods are the best option for inshore and surf fishing. They are usually lightweight and easier to carry in particular situations.

Differences Between Spinning and Casting Rods

Line Guide Size

Casting rods have line guides that are pretty small across the entire length of the rod. Yet, spinning poles with line guides closer to the handle are significant than those near the tip.

This design allows for the larger diameter of a spinning reel’s line-spool. Additionally, spinning rods have line guides. Line guide protrudes further from the pole backbone than casting poles close to the rod.


Casting rods have better performance than spinning rods. Both rods offer excellent performance. But casting rods should use for tough fishing, while beginners can use spinning.

Accuracy in Casting

Baitcasting rod is the best for casting accuracy, except for light lure weight. This is because you can use your thumb to control the spool by applying pressure when the lure needs to stop.

 It is possible to high accurate cast with practice. It is a tremendous advantage for bait casters when fishing heavy covers, such as timber or tree line.

Although bait casters excel in this presentation, spinning setups offer greater accuracy. You cannot stop the lure in flight, which means that you could miss the spot.


Casting rod is difficult to use but it produce precise cast. Because the upward position of eyelets determines the bending capacity of the rod. It is harder for a newbie to use.

Spinning rods are simple to use, and beginners can learn the quick use of this rod. It is easy to fish with them, and they make fishing enjoyable.


Learning how to cast a rod is more rigid than learning how to spin one. A casting rod involves changing lines many times and taking time to learn how to use it. It is tedious and costly in price. On the other side, spinning rods do not have extra costs, except for purchasing them.

Reel Seat Orientation

You can compare casting rods and spinning rods to each other. The reel seat of a spinning rod is to hold the reel down. But the reel seat of a casting pole is for the baitcasting reel on top of it.


Trolling and still fishing are the primary uses of spinning rods. You can use casting rods in wide variety of heavy cover, but anglers have found they are not very specific. Spinning rods should not use for heavy coverage as they can only support trolling and still-fishing.

Table of Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod

Casting Rods
  • Casting rods tend to be more expensive than spinning rods. You can purchase casting rods at a variety of prices. Casting rods are costly, but they are high quality.
  • The rod action maintain wide range casting distance than other types of fishing rods. It allows you to catch more species of fish.
  • Baitcasting rod have a reputation for accuracy and aim.
  • Baitcasting rods are more durable than spinning rods. They resist more significant tensions.
  • The fishing reel’s position is perfect for tolerating the force of fighting fish.
  • You can catch larger fish species by using heavier lures like bass or trout. They feature a rotating spool and a high-quality line system.  For effective and efficient fishing, the rod needs to be handled by experienced anglers.
  • That’s why Fishing enthusiasts and beginners don’t know how to use baitcasting reels properly.    
Spinning Rod
  • Spinning rod Less expensive  Easy-to use reeling mechanism.
  • You can easily cast them from different locations.
  • Not as precise as baitcasting rods Less durable.
  • Heavyweight fishing may cause damage to the eyelets of the spinning reel.
  • Not suitable for catching larger, heavy fish You can use lightweight lures.
  • Even you can enjoy surface fishing with live lighter bait.
  • Excellent choice for beginners. Because they do not require professional handling.

Final Thought

Anglers avoid misinterpretation of the Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod. They have to be familiar with the differences. Gradually with experience, anglers can make a quick choice of the right combination.

There are many options available for attract fishing. But it’s important finding the right combination for you.

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