How to Take Apart a Shakespeare Reel – Tips & Tricks 2023

Taking apart the Shakespeare reels does not end the fishing day. It is just the beginning of your next fishing experience. But if you don’t know how to take apart a shakespeare reel, then you should learn this process as soon as possible. 

When you own a Shakespeare reel, you will find there frequently will be problems with the handle, bin and spring assembly. Most of these problems can be fixed at home.

Knowing the process can be useful in many ways. You can easily do this process if you are following our guidelines step-by-step. This guideline will be a complete guideline for a beginner. Because, this guideline will teach you how to do it safely and effectively. 

What is a Shakespeare Reel?

A Shakespeare Reel is usually a three-quarter-inch reel with a narrow spool and the word ”Shakespeare” cast into the frame. It has a smooth, quiet action that makes it ideal for light fishing lines. This reel is specifically designed to hold light fishing line. 

This size and shape of reel works well with almost any type of freshwater fishing rod. It is ready to use right out of the box. Shakespeare Reels are available in fly, spin casting and spinning models. So there is sure to be one that matches your preferred style of fishing.

When Should You Take Apart a Shakespeare Reel?

When the reel works fine, but it needs a little cleaning. Similarly, if you are repairing the reel and you need to replace a part. Besides, if you have an old reel you want to restore and clean.

So you should take your shakespeare fishing reel apart every 3 months for a regular cleaning. You should keep up with maintaining your reel so that you can use it for longer. Keeping an eye on your reel and taking it apart at these times can save money and frustration. 

How to Take Apart a Shakespeare Reel

There are different types of shakespeare reel. Every reel has their own apart system. In this section, i’ll describe you all the methods. Let’s have a look: 

#1 In Shakespeare Baitcasting Reel

If you have baitcasting reel then you have to follow specific steps. If you don’t know how to take apart a shakespeare baitcasting reel, then let’s follow this: 

Step 01: Place the reel on a flat surface and open the side plate. After that, remove the case screws and side plate screws to open the reel.

Step 02: Remove the drive gear. If you find shakespeare baitcasting reel stuck then follow this step.

Step 03: Inspect the rod spool shafts and bearings. Then, gently rinse the components with freshwater and dry them with a towel or microfiber cloth.

Step 04: Lubricate ball bearings, gears and other internal components. You can use WD-40, silicone-based oil or a similar product.

Step 05: Reassemble your reel by reversing these steps.

So, keep your Shakespeare baitcasting reel clean is essential for longer life of fishing reels

#2 In Shakespeare Spincast Reel

Shakespeare Spincast Reel is the most used reel in USA. So, it is quite popular and demandable reel all over the world. If you know how to take apart a shakespeare spincast reel, then it helps to waste money. Let’s see how to do it safely: 

Step 01: Lay the reel on the table with the casting button facing up. 

Step 02: Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws at the side of the casting button.

Step 03: Remove screws and lift up the casting button. Then, place a rag underneath the reel, with the handle facing you.

Step 04: Now, it’s time to place your screwdriver into the notch on top of the release button. Then press it firmly until it releases.

Step 05: Finally, Grasp the spool and slowly pull it off from its axis.

#3 In shakespeare tiger reel

A shakespeare tiger reel is a fish-casting rod, an object whose popularity has been widely spread in West European and Russian countries. Tiger reel is one of the most famous fishing reels in Germany and Finland. It is equipped with different lightweight and sensitive parts. You can easily apart this without help of professionals. Let’s see: 

Step 01: Firstly, you need to unscrew the handle until it’s free of the reel.  

Step 02: Then you can take a couple of screws off the side of the reel and finally the spool will come out.  

Step 03: So put this on a flat surface and you’ll see that there is a little grub screw here that if you undo. The spool will free itself from the reel.  

Step 04: So once you have done that you have access to all of your bearings which should be lubricated with re-grease.  

This is how you can easily take apart a shakespeare tiger reel yourself with some tools.

#4 In Shakespeare Alpha fishing reel

Taking apart a Shakespeare Alpha fishing reel can be difficult without the proper tools. You need to be careful with it. Because it has several small parts that are easy to lose. 

The process, however, is not difficult if you follow instructions and pay attention to details. Below are the steps you need to follow when taking apart a Shakespeare fishing reel.

Step 01: First, turn the reel upside down, so that it is resting on its crank handle and the bottom of the frame.

Step 02: After that, use a screwdriver to unlock the latch that holds the screws for the spool plate.

Step 03: Now, take off all 5 screws that hold in the spool plate. Then, remove the spool plate. You will see a small rubber gasket sticking up from inside the spool cavity. Place this to one side.

Step 04: Next, unhook the bail spring from its connection on the top left-hand side of the frame. After that, you can lift out the bail arm and put it to one side.

Step 05: Then, unscrew and remove all five screws holding in the star drag control knob underneath your handle crank.

Step 06: Finally, carefully lift out your handle crank and place it to one side. Now you can inspect and clean all these parts.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Shakespeare Reel

Being one of the most popular Shakespeare reels, it is important to know how to handle and care for it. It is expensive, so we should have proper information about this reel. In this article, you will get all the tips that you need to know before going out with your Shakespeare fishing reel.

  1. Choose a reel that looks and feels good to you.  
  2. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific reel.  
  3. Never throw your reel in the back of your car or pickup truck.  
  4. Keep your reel dry and out of any moisture, such as snow, rain or damp ground.  
  5. When fishing with a baitcasting reel, make sure that you have some fresh line tied on to the end of old line before casting out.
  6. When not in use, tie up your rod with a rubber band. Then, wrap it in rag or blanket and store it away from other rods.  
  7. Make sure you put away your fishing gear before a major storm is set to come through town.  

By following these tips, you will be able to get the most out of your Shakespeare reel.

Final Word. 

It is really important to know how to take apart a shakespeare reel. This will not only save your money but also boost up your experience and confidence. So, you should try at least one method for growing your experience. In this fishing journey, this will helps you during emergency situation. 

I hope, this content will help you if you are a beginner. For beginners, these blueprint will save their money. So, guys, if you have any question don’t feel shy to know us. Thank You!

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