How to Set Drag On Spinning Reel Without a Scale

It can be difficult to set the drag on a spinning reel without a scale. The drag is the resistance to the line being pulled out. Moreover, it needs to be set according to the weight of the fish being caught. 

In the spinning reel market, scale is the most preferred material for constructing a reel segment. It had a market share of more than 33.0% in 2019.

So, if you don’t have a scale, then how to set drag on spinning reel without a scale? It’s not a big deal. After reading this blogpost, you can know how to set this up without having ‘Zero’ knowledge. This guideline will be an ultimate guideline for the beginner. We’ll teach you step-by-step. Let’s get started.

Is it Really Possible to Set Drag on a Spinning Reel Without a Scale?

Is it Really Possible to Set Drag on a Spinning Reel Without a Scale

Setting drag on a spinning reel can certainly be a challenge for some anglers. Especially for those people who don’t have access to a scale. So, is it really possible to do this job without any type of scale? 

“Yes, it is possible to set drag on a spinning reel without using any weights or scales. But it is not that easy as it sounds.”

Don’t lose your hope! We’re here to assist you. It is indeed possible to set drag on Fishing reels without weights or scales. It’s more of a practice. As long as you take your time to get used to how much pressure you will be putting in on the line.

Apply These 4 Steps to Set Drag on Spinning Reel Without a Scale

Setting the drag on a spinning reel can be done without a scale of any kind. If you know how to set the drag correctly, it will not be that big of a deal. The secret is to use the right techniques and your fishing will be going smoothly. Let’s apply these 4 steps to set drag on a spinning reel without a scale.

Step 01: Depending on the scenario, you may have to adjust your drag settings

A drag setting involves adjusting a spinning reel to move freely and slowly. This allows you to line up the fish at all times. It increases your chances of catching that trophy catch. When dialing in your drag settings, it’s important to remember the conditions. So, you need to adjust your drag for different casting situations.

Step 02: Make sure to tie your knot securely when doing a pound test

Start by tying an overhand knot at one end of your line. Attach a weight (such as a metal sinker) to the opposite end of your line. The pound test is equal to approximately 100 inches of this swing distance. So if your sinker travels 5 feet with each swing, you have a 5 pound drag! With experience, you’ll be able to tell what pound test you have just by looking at the distance traveled.

Step 03: Set lighter drag for braided line

Braided line is very slick, and tends to slip through the drag a little easier than mono. This causes the drag to tighten down as you fight the fish. So, it is important to set lighter drag for the braided line. Otherwise, it causes several difficulties.

Step 04: When a fish is near, cup the spool

This is a good technique when you’re setting the drag and there’s a fish nearby. Cup your index finger and thumb around the line as it passes off of your spool. Then run the line along the palm of your hand and onto the top part of the reel. 

Cuping (spooling) limits backlash by reducing the amount of “looping” that occurs when you set or break a fish attract. Even, pressure on the line as it leaves your thumb with each turn working in tandem with the index finger hold.

The Things You Should Remember Before Set Drag on a Spinning Reel

The Things You Should Remember Before Set Drag on a Spinning Reel

Before setting drag on a spinning reel you have to consider several factors. These factors will boost your experience and you will enjoy a cheerful fishing trip. 

(i) Know what type of fish you’re going to catch

First of all, you have to know what type of fish you’re going to catch. Setting the drag too high can cause the spool to malfunction or for knots to loosen up and your catch to get away.

According to our experts, you should avoid spinning reels with high drag settings. Never exceed 25% of the line’s break strength. Don’t strive for a max setting when it comes to reel drag. Always start low and then go high.

(ii) Know the water conditions

You have to set up drag on a spinning reel according to the water conditions. It is really important to observe the water conditions because there are chances of your line breaks if you use heavy drag. 

If the water pressure is not so high then it’s not a problem. But, if the pressure is too high then you should think twice before setting up drag on a spinning reel.

(iii) Match your gear to the conditions and species you’re going for.

You have to match your gear to the conditions and species you’re going for. It is really important. That’s why, at first, choose a rod that offers the right amount of weight and length. 

Then, the spinning reel spool is loaded with drag. The line is adjusted using the star-shaped knob on the spinning reel. Once you have set the drag tension, you can start fishing!

(iv) Know your limitations as an angler

As an angler you must know your limitations. For getting more success in fishing, it is important. So, if you have any doubt, never set the drag at its max level. Always set drag at its lowest point while fishing. 

When you feel something unusual in your line, it is better to release the drag completely. Habituate yourself with the drag adjustment system in your fishing rod and reel. Before setting drag on a spinning reel, you should know the limitation.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs) 

Question: How do you measure drag on a reel?

Answer: First, you have to tie the hook to your weighing tool. Most importantly, hold the rod at 45° angle. Then, while holding on to the line with your thumbs, let the weight fall until it stops.

So, what’s next?

Now, it’s time to start reeling in little by little. Every time you reel, stop and check that the weight is still falling slowly and steadily. If it isn’t falling slowly and steadily, readjust your drag strength. Once the weight falls slowly and steadily, reel in all of the line. So, this is how you measure drag on a reel correctly.

Question: What spinning reel has the most drag?

Answer: The Shimano Stella 20000 SW is the best saltwater reel for most anglers. It can max out at 55.1 pounds. It is a bit heavier than the other reels in this roundup, and it also costs a bit more.

Whether you’re looking for a reel that will give you the advantage then, it is the best choice. This has exceptionally smooth casting capabilities. So if you are a fan of long casts when fishing. Moreover, it has a slightly lower maximum drag than some of our other options. But it’s still quite strong at 22 pounds while weighing in at only 8.1 ounces.

Final Word

If you are a beginner, then it is a difficult task to set drag on a spinning reel. If you want to be a good fisherman then you must have to know how to set drag on spinning reel without a scale.

Many people think that it is difficult but they are wrong. You can handle this job easily with proper methods. So, before doing this job, try to follow our method. Hope it will reduce your extra hassle. 

So, guys, now we are at the bottom part of the content. If you have any concern, you can email or comment below the post. Thanks for your interest. 

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