How to Kill Catfish Before Cleaning – [Step By Step 2023]

Catfish is one kind of fish that is also undoubtedly delectable when prepared properly. When you finally got one, you had better be aware of it. How to kill catfish before cleaning is the burning question.

The appropriate approach to do it is to order to be ready for a delicious lunch thereafter. Unfortunately, once a catfish has been captured, it will not expire of natural causes, and attempting to kill it by cutting it while it is still alive would just make the situation worse.

Having said that, there is an appropriate and kind method to deal with the catch you bring in. When you first look at this assignment, it may seem to be difficult; nevertheless, if you follow the instructions, you will notice how simple the procedure really is. In this essay, I will walk you through the procedures on how to put an end to a catfish’s life in the kindest possible manner. (Pete,  2021).

As it has become increasingly common, the Wels catfish has been the focus of the efforts of thousands of anglers in Britain. The ebook is split in two, with the first half focusing on fishing in the United Kingdom and the second half on angling for catfish in France, Germany, and Spain.

Furthermore, I will provide you with a few other pointers that you may apply in order to have a delectable lunch with the fish that you have caught.

Why Kill A Catfish?

Why Kill A Catfish?

Even though fish can only exist in water, they are able to survive for a few hours outside of it. However, this is quite uncomfortable for any fish. Once you have caught the catfish, you would need to ensure that it is dead before you eat it if you do not want to let it go back into the water.

Some individuals may advise you to prepare the catfish even though it’s still alive. However, this results in a great deal of suffering for the fish, and you will be quite uneasy due to the movement of the fish while it is being cooked.

Because it might take many times for the fish to perish in this manner. The typical practice of placing the fish in ice and allowing it to suffocate to death is similarly brutal.

The technique of suffocation is the way that is utilized most often all around the globe. The majority of people in the world had only eaten fish caught in this manner; nevertheless, as a fisherman, you are capable of doing far better. Do you know How to Catch Brown Trout?

The flavor of the fish attract that was killed utilizing the Pitching will be incredibly delightful to the taste buds of not just you, but also those such as your family members.

What is The Best Way to Kill a Catfish?

What is The Best Way to Kill a Catfish

In my opinion, it is the most straightforward and uncomplicated approach to killing a catfish. Hit the catfish extremely hard in the center of the head with a matchet, knife, or any similar implement to shatter the skull in one single stroke. In order to have an effect on the brain, you should aim for the region right just above the eyeballs. If you lop off the catfish’s tail, it will die in agony and eventually die.

What You Will Need to Kill a Catfish

  • Pair of gloves – Wearing gloves not only makes it easier to manage catfish but also protects you from any potential injuries that may occur when you are killing a catfish. 
  • Sharp and pointed knife – A knife that is both sharp and pointy; this instrument is used to puncture the catfish’s skull in order to remove its brain.
  • Wire – Wire is another tool that may be used as an alternate method for removing the brain from the catfish.
  • Big knife – Large knife You will need a large knife to remove the catfish’s gills, intestines, and head. You will also need this knife to split it in half.
  • Fishing pliers – Cuticle scissors designed for angling are required in order to remove the skin from the fish.

Do You Kill Fish Before Cleaning?

If you have a problem with it, I will freeze them while I cleanse them, and it will perish as a result. They should have their gills cut out and then placed on ice or in an ice chest. By the time you go home to clean them, they will have bled to death and be as dead as it is possible for them to be.

The Most Humane Way to Kill a Catfish

There are a variety of methods that may be used to kill a catfish. However, only two of these methods are considered to be humane by both fishermen and the animal humane society. These two methods are the pitching and freeze methods.

The method of pithing is positioning the pointed end of the knife directly above the catfish’s brain and rapidly advancing it toward the brain bore. This is a method that is usually risk-free and efficient.

If you like angling and have access to an icebox, you may put your fish in the freezer to put them out of their misery. This method is also considered to be compassionate. But this method is slower than the one that involves pitching. Do you need to know How to Catch Trout Without Fly Fishing?

How to Kill a Catfish: THE STEP-BY-STEP

How to Kill Catfish Before Cleaning

Even if the third choice allows you to cut down on the amount of time you spend fishing rods. The majority of people still choose to go out and catch their own fish. After all, nothing is more satisfying than preparing a meal with the primary item that you caught on a fishing trip.

When it comes to handling a catfish and eventually killing it, you can’t simply use your knife. To ensure that you are carrying out the procedure correctly, We will walk you through each step in detail. (Topy, 2022) Here are the basic steps as follows. It is best to know How Long Can a Fish live Out of Water?

  • 01: Get yourself a catfish. Obtain a catfish for yourself.
  • 02: Kill it. Congratulations are in order for you if you are beginning with a living catfish.!
  • 03: Check that the filet knife you’re employing is in good shape and has a sharp edge.
  • 04: Make a cut immediately beneath the gills, at a 45-degree angle. Using your filet knife, move toward the head of the fish.
  • 05: If you make your cuts any deeper than 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch (3.2 to 6.4 mm). It will be much harder to remove the skin.
  • 06: Remove Fins and Skin.
  • 07: Cut Head and Break Spinal Cord.
  • 08: Understand Fish Morphology.
  • 09: Filleting- Dorsal Cut. Wash the fillets in cold water to remove any blood or slime.

Few Tips-How to Kill Catfish Before Cleaning

Fish should only be frozen once, once after they have been cleaned. In addition, then they should be preserved until they are thawed and consumed. Since I first started guiding fishermen, I’ve always suggested that they bled catfish while the fish are still breathing. This may be accomplished just before bringing them to the cleaning station to get them cleaned.

Final Thought

Now that you have learned how to kill a catfish before cleaning. This technique may also use for catching other species of fish in the future that you may come across.

If you practice all of the strategies and procedures that we have described above. Also, you will quickly become an experienced catfish killer. You only need some practice and little guts to do it. When working with fish of this kind, use extreme caution once again. We really hope that the catfish will not terrify you once again.

Even if one of the benefits of fishing is it provides you with a fresh component for a tasty supper. Moreover, you still need to think about whether or not the procedure of handling carry out in a manner that is kind to the fish.

Do you know of any other methods that may use to kill a catfish? Please share your thoughts with us in the following area. And if you thought our approach was brilliant, please share your accomplishment with us.

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