How to Handle a Pike Fish – Simple Way 2023

How to Handle a Pike Fish? Have you ever experienced pike fishing? If not, we must recommend you have to experience it if you are visiting Europe. As a beginner, it may seem to be an easy-peasy task. But in reality, it isn’t that simple. Do you want to know why?

Let us explain.

Pike fish come up with sharp teeth that can hurt you. If you can’t handle it carefully, you both can be injured. You don’t want that. Right? Here we come up with an ultimate guide on how to handle a pike fish. You will also have the idea of pike fishing for beginners.

Why is Pike Fishing Popular?

It is one of the best sports for anglers all over the world. You can go ice fishing for Northern pike. Fishing energizes your mind and body. An angler should experience northern pike fishing once in a lifetime.

Pike is one of the significant species of freshwater. Apart from that, Pike is also known as trophy fish. A pike angler will love the experience of fishing. Nowadays, it is popular in Europe, specifically in Russia.

Moreover, it comes after fly fishing. Catching northern pike gives an angler a different kind of peace. Before you start pike fishing, it will be better to ask for help from an expert. So you can understand the safety system of pike fishing.

How to Catch a Pike Fish?

The most challenging part of holding pike fish is handling it properly. You will need these materials when you are holding the pike fish.

Materials needed:

  • Landing net
  • Hook
  • Gloves

Steps to Catch a Pike Fish 

Step: 1- Prepare your tools for catching pike

First of all, take the landing net or hand bomb to target the fishing zone.

Step:2- Know the pike type

It is one of the important steps of catching the northern pike. You have to be more careful if you are using a treble hook. Moreover, you can lure the fish with live bait.

Step: 3- Keep the hook in the water.

You have to move the hook into deeper water for holding a pike. Avoid touching the gills.

Step: 4- Press the gill plates.

You need to tap into the gill plates. Remember one thing, it is better to make the baitfish wet as much as possible.

Step:5- Slip your fingers into the fins

Hereafter, you have to slide your fingers into the pectoral fins. It will help you to keep the net handle stable.

Step:6- Support the pike.

If you want a healthy pike fish, you have to support it for 10 seconds. It allows you to hold the larger pike or smaller pike. Keep the fish relaxed for 20 minutes.

Step:7- Loosen up the grip

Moreover, you have to release your grip. Now you have to check whether the fish is moving or not. If it’s a rollover, you need to wait for some minutes to make the fish relax.

Step:8- Hold the fish

Lastly, you can hold the fish in the middle of the belly. Be gentle with the pike fish. Don’t make the fish stressed.

How Can You Unhook a Pike Fish?

For unhooking a pike fish, you will require some tools and materials. Let’s know what you have to gather before starting pike fishing.

Materials needed:

  • Landing mat (optional)
  • pike unhooking glove

Tools needed:

  • Pike unhooking tools
  • Long pliers or forceps
  • Rigs

Steps to Unhook a Pike Fish

Step: 1- Keep the pike on the plain surface

The first thing you have to do is keep the large pike to the landing mat if you have any. Otherwise, you can keep it on the muddy surface.

Step: 2: Hold the pike to your knees

After keeping it on the surface, you have to hole the big pike with your knees. Now you can control the trophy pike. For larger fish, you need to hold them tightly. It will help you to thrash the smaller pike.

Step:3- Open up the gill rakers.

At this point, you have to open the gill cover. Slip your three fingers below the gill plate. Keep moving to the front side of the pikes mouth and reach the jaw shape.

Step: 4: Reach to the chin bone

You have to drag your fingers to unlock the pike jaws. Gradually, you can find the chin bone. It is a lean and protective skin layer apart from the jawbone. Remove the dead bait from the pikes mouth.

Step: 5- Detach the hook.

Move your fingers and open the pikes mouth. You have to use the pliers to unhook the dead bait with the rig. Choose the live fishing bait. 

For smaller fish, you can use forceps if you have them. Remove it from the chin bone. Avoid grabbing the protective skin layer. It can damage the pike fish.

Safety Tips for Handling a Pike Fish

  1. You have to be careful in the shallow water
  2. To lure the large pike fish, you can use the musky killer.
  3. Try to catch the large fish with two treble hooks.
  4. You need to consult with experienced anglers for northern pike fishing tips.
  5. If you are targeting the small pike, you need to focus on the live bait.
  6. Along with that, you have to wear protective gloves to catch and unhook the pike fish.

Final Thoughts

After all, we hope you can understand how to handle a pike fish. Catching pike fish is an adventurous sport. The best time for pike fishing is 1 October to 14 March.

Some people catch the fish and release it after some time. You can also cook with different spices. It is a delicate fish to hold and handle at the same time. Unhooking the pike fish is quite difficult. 

If you follow the steps we have mentioned, you can catch and unhook the pike fish. Follow the safety tips while handling a pike fish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to hold a pike?

You have to hold the pike in the middle of its belly to balance the other organs. After that, you have to pull up the pike’s belly. It will allow you to hold it properly.

Do you need gloves for pike fishing?

Yes. It is easier to catch pike fish with bare hands. As the fish have sharp teeth, you have to wear gloves. Without gloves, you can feel the sharp teeth of pike fish. If you use gloves, it won’t bother you.

Will a pike fish bite you?

A northern pike has smaller teeth like needles and large teeth like a fang. Though it doesn’t bite humans. But it can hurt a fisherman while holding.

Is a pike fish good to eat?

If you can cook it properly, it can be a delicious fish dish for you. For cooking, you should choose the smaller fish. It makes your cooking easier.

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