How To Cut Braided Fishing Line – Exclusive Guide 2023

Cutting braided fishing line is a difficult task. It can be done with the use of a knife or scissors, but the line often slips out of your hands and causes a lot of frustration. You must bring several fishing line cutters with you when fishing. But even then, how to cut braided fishing line?

From a report entitled “Approximately 0.97 to 2.7 trillion fish are caught from the wild globally every year”. So, every fisherman has to deal with cutting braided fishing lines to catch large amounts of fishes. It’s hard to cut lines, no matter what tools you use.

In this blogpost, I’ll share with you the procedure to cut the fishing line with different types of materials. After reading this content, you can easily do this process yourself. So, keep calm and enjoy this step-by-step guideline.

Why is It Difficult to Cut a Braided Fishing Line?

People often think that cutting a braided fishing line is easy. However, this is not the case. The main problem with cutting a braided fishing line is that the individual lines that make up the braid are constantly moving. Besides, there are also several factors. Let’s discuss them below:

  1. Because of its design: The first thing is its design. A braided fishing line is different from a round fishing line in shape and structure. Normally, such lines are made by weaving or braiding man-made fiber materials. This creates a tube like a surface and confined space. So, when you are going to cut, it becomes a difficult task, if you never did this. 
  2. Because of its zero line stretch:  It’s constructed from 3 or more strands of fibers twisted into a single line. Its advantage is zero line stretch. It means the line won’t run out of your reel as you fight fish. However, cutting a braided fishing line is difficult due to no stretch.
  3. Because of its low diameter: Braided lines made of nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene. These lines are very thin in diameter and high strength. They are not easy to break/cut. The low diameter while lowering cutting effectiveness, making it difficult to get through.

How to Cut Braided Fishing Line Like a Pro

The combination of zero line stretch, abrasion resistance, sensitivity and low diameter is what makes the super braid line so difficult to cut. So, you have to overcome these troubles to cut this type of fishing line.

Good News! We have an effective method to cut this type of fishing line without any hassle. Let’s see how to do this job without too much effort. 

Method 01: With a lighter

If your budget is low then you can use your lighter to cut this type of fishing line. To be more, with this method you don’t need extra tools and you can use it anywhere anytime.

Step 01: Get a lighter

First, you have to get a lighter to cut this type of fishing rods. You can use any lighter. No matter which company or brand it is.

Step 02: Hold the line

Before heating up the line, you have to hold the line strongly. Otherwise, it doesn’t work properly. You can use your two leg finger to hold the line.

Step 03: Heat up the line

It’s time to heat up the line. After holding the line, you can heat up the line to cut off the melted part. Try to focus during this time. Otherwise, the flame can burn your eyes because of the flow of wind.

Step 04: Cut off the melted part

Now, it’s time to cut off the melted part properly. You can use any blade/sharp materials or your hands.  

Method 02: With a Rapala Scissors

“Rapala Super Line Scissors” is one of the best way to rig fishing line without any extra hassle. You will get this in any hardware shop or Amazon.

Step 01: Mark and hold the point.

First, mark the cutting point before cutting the braided line. Start by holding your “Rapala Super Line Scissors” in your right hand.

Step 02: Tightly hold both sides

Tightly hold both sides of the line in your hands. Make sure the line is tight and straight.

Step 03: Gently snip off the line

Hold the “Rapala Super Line Scissors” at an angle and gently snip off the line.

Step 04: Cut down twice if possible.

To get a clean straight cut, try cutting through only once or twice if possible. If you have to go over it multiple times it can fray the end of your line.

By following all these steps you can cut braided lines easily. Moreover, by doing this you can avoid any hassle of cutting braided fishing lines.

Method 03: With a “Nail clippers”

There are a lot of great uses for Nail clippers! From cutting your toenails to trimming your sideburns, there are so many useful things you can do with nail clippers. Many people don’t know that they can also be used to cut braided fishing lines. You can easily handle this job without any effort. Let’s see how to done this job:

Step 01: First, you need to get your hands on a pair of nail clippers.

Step 02: At the point when the fishing line is under strain while pulling in your catch, hold the main cord with both hands and cut the line at its center.

Step 03: Wash your nail clippers with a disinfectant after each use.

Step 04: Clean the cutting edges of your nail clippers with rubbing alcohol or any other disinfectant after each use. This will prevent an infection.

Remember: Avoid using dirty or rusty nail clippers as they may carry germs. Make sure they are clean and sharp before using them.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Question: Is a boomerang tool worth cutting braided fishing line?

Answer: Cutting braided fishing line can be difficult and time consuming. You can risk slicing your hand on a pair of eyes or a hook. You can avoid the maximum risk by using this boomerang tool. The boomerang tool is perfect for cutting braided fishing line.

It can cut braided lines up to 300 pounds. This tool is the simplest way to keep those cuts clean and accurate. It has a patented ergonomic design to provide an easy grip.

So, if your budget is low and you want to do your job like a pro, then you can invest your money on a “boomerang tool”. Now, we can say that a boomerang tool is worth cutting braided fishing line smoothly. 

Question: When should I cut my fishing line?

Answer: You can cut the fishing line anywhere you want. The only reason to cut your line is to reel in your lure and try a different spot. The best place to cut your line is where the two ends meet, or where the hook meets the line. as well as Quantum Fishing Rods are good for fishing.

Besides, You should cut the fishing line, when you feel a fish pull hard on your fishing line. If you have a lot of line out and you have fought the fish for a long time, then you can do this.

You don’t need to cut your line, just put some pressure on it and pull it slowly until it breaks. It’s easy to see when you should cut your fishing line by pulling on it gently.

Question: What fishing line is better mono or braid?

Answer: Braid is basically a bunch of super thin strands of woven fibers in a tight pattern that is incredibly strong for its size. On the other hand “Mono” is just one strand of material either co-polymer or nylon.

Braid offers unparalleled sensitivity, as well as lower drag and less stretch than monofilament. However, braids do have a few drawbacks. It doesn’t cast as far as monofilament because of the greater wind resistance of its smaller diameter.

Braid can cut your hands and fingers when it gets frayed or broken. You also can’t tie knots in braids. Because the line slips through itself. Monofilament is easier to cast, cheaper than braid and easier on your hands and fingers when using a spinning reel.

Final Word

It’s important to know how to cut braided fishing line because if you don’t it can lead to a very frustrating situation. When you are out in the middle of the water you need to know these things so that you don’t get stuck on something and have to wait for help. From our lots of fishing trips, we discovered several techniques that are really effective(those are mentioned above).

You can try Mono Fishing Line methods and enjoy a cheerful fishing experience. So, guys, now we are at the end of the content. If you have any questions, you can directly message us. Thank You!

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