How to Change a Fishing Reel From Right to Left Handed – 2023

Do you want to change a fishing reel from right to left handed? Changing the reel will enable you to cast it effortlessly. Some fishing reels are available as left hand retrieves. But most of the time we need to convert from right to left handed. It is important that you figure out how to change a fishing reel from right to left handed before casting your line.

Changing a fishing reel from right to left handed is not as scary as it sounds. Don’t worry we are here to assist you. You can do this job easily by following simple tactics. Let’s find out the ways. 

6 Reasons to Change a Fishing Reel From Right to Left Handed

Fishing has been the favourite pastime of men for many decades. In fact, it’s been practiced for thousands of years. It is a sport that requires great patience and skill to master. The struggles that left-handed anglers have when the time comes to change their reels can be quite trying for them. Here is the reasons  

(i) Easy to use: Some spinning reels are easier to use when they are set up in the opposite way. Spinning reels often become right-handed reels when used with certain fishing rods.

(ii) Thumb control: Fishing plan reels have the thumb control on top of the handle. This makes changing from right to left handed necessary.

(iii) Fishing efficiently: In order to fishing efficiently, you require to change a fishing reel from right to left handed. 

(iv) Flip the handle: Ambidextrous anglers know that they can flip the handle and the reel will turn in the opposite direction.

(V) Avoid unexpected incident: It is dangerous if you fishing without changing a right-handed reel to left-handed. These kind of accidents happen if you use a right handed fishing reel.

(Vi) For safety: We know the word, “Safety First”. So, we have to tackle this with safety. You should change a fishing reel from right to left handed so that you can fishing with safety. 

2 Best Methods to Change a Fishing Reel From Right to Left Handed

Changing a fishing reel from right to left handed is actually quite simple. You can do this with just a few tools and minimal experience.

Step 01: The first thing that you need to do when changing your push fishing reel from right to left handed is to remove the side plate.

Step 02: There should be a screw at the top of the handle and a screw on the bottom of the handle. Remove them using a screwdriver. This should loosen up the side plate so that you can remove it easily. 

Step 03: Once you have removed it, put it somewhere safe until you need it again.

Step 04: The next step is to remove the cast control knob. Then, put it on the opposite side.

Step 05: After this, all that’s left is to tighten up the screws and put the side plate back on.

That’s it! You now have a left hand fishing reel.

Alternative Method

If previous method is not comfortable to you then try it in different way. Here is the alternative method for you. 

01: First ensure that the handle of the reel is removed and all screws holding it in place are also removed.

02: Ensure that the right side plate is not damaged, if it is then you will need to get a replacement.

03: Next examine your new left side plate. Then, ensure that it is not damaged and in perfect working condition.

Step 04: Now insert the crank shaft in to the left side plate. Now, make sure that it fits properly.

Step 05: If everything fits tightly, move on to the next step which involves attaching a new handle so as to fit your left hand.

Step 06: The screws holding the handle should now be tightened very well. Check again to ensure that the crank shaft is centered in the right side plate alignment.

If all the steps were followed well, you are good and ready to go fishing in a short while.

The Better Fishing Reel: Left-Handed Or Right-Handed?

If you are a fisherman, then you probably know which hand is your dominant side. If so, there is a huge debate about which hand should use for fishing reel when it comes to perform the fishing activity. Let’s see which hands should we use:

(i) Level of experience. 

If you are a beginner angler, you should go for the right-handed fishing reel. More professional anglers go for Left-handed fishing reels.

(ii) For landing fish

While landing a fish, left-handed fishing reels are better. The cranking is more consistent with left-handed fishing reel.

(iii) Pros & Cons

A major disadvantage of the left-handed fishing reels is that you have to use your non-dominant hand for retrieving. But, the left-handed fishing reel spools in a direction that allows you to be more effective in casting.

(iv) Easy to left.

Left-handed reels are easier for lefties to use, but can be used by everyone. Right-handed reels are good for beginners, though they can be used by everyone as well.

(V) In holding line spool.

A right-handed reel will have a handle that holds the line spool on the right side of the reel. A left-hand reel will have the handle holding the line spool on the left side of the reel.

5 Proper Way to Select Your Fishing Reel.

If you are a beginner then you have to know what is the proper way to select your fishing reel. Don’t worry! We are here to assist you. Let’s see the right ways to choose a reel:

(i) Quality: A good quality reel means a lot. So, we should try to choose one that is durable and long-lasting.

(ii) Strength and size: If you choose the smaller ones, they will be handy and easy to control. But those who are in search of heavy fishes will have to get a bigger one.

(iii) Control and speed: You will be able to control your fishing by gettin a good quality reel. You should be able to adjust the speed of your line when needed.

(iv) Budget: Don’t forget about your budget as well. Because you should always keep your budget on mind before choosing any kind of fishing equipment or accessories.

(V) Type of Fishing Reel: There are several types of fishing reel. Such as Spinning Reel. It depends which type of fishing you preferred. 

Such as: 

Maintenance and Repair of The Fishing Reel

We use the fishing reel in fishing gear and equipment. If you want to keep the fishing contained in good condition, you must maintain it. On the other hand, we need to repair our fishing reel if it is broken or something else. Let’s see the Maintenance and repair tips:

1. Wash the spool, body, brake and other necessary parts using water and soap. Do not soak these parts in the water.

2. After washing let them dry completely.

3. Use a lubricant to oil or spray all those part which is dried out.

4. After applying the lubricant turn the spool of the reel by hand. Then, ensure how much movement required for the comfortable spinning of the reel.

5. Check all screws of the fishing reel whether they are tightened or not. If it is not tightened then tighten them up as much as you can with your hand. 

Final Word.

Some people change the location of the crank on a fishing reel’s side plate to that it suits them better. The most common reasons for wanting to switch from right-handed to left-handed are because of eye dominance or handedness. For some beginners, figuring out how to change a fishing reel from right to left handed is confusing.

In this content, we tried to reveal all the secret that will be helpful if you are a beginner. So, try those way and create your own empire in fishing. Wish you best of luck! 

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