How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Fish Last in The Fridge – Best Tips

Vacuum sealing prevents the food from becoming freezer burnt. Vacuum sealed food will hold its freshness for a more extended period than traditionally wrapped food. But, how long does vacuum sealed fish last in the fridge? 

Vacuum sealed fish last 3-5 days in the refrigerator. A vacuum sealer removes air from bags and other food packaging. It increases the amount of time some foods can be stored without spoiling. To keep food fresh in the refrigerator, you need to follow the right procedure. 

After reading this content, you’ll know that different types of fish can be classified by their level of freshness. Besides, you will also know how to keep your food fresh in the refrigerator for a long time. So, let’s brew a cup of coffee, sit down and enjoy the article.  

Does Vacuum Sealing Keep Fish Fresh?

There is some debate over whether or not vacuum sealing fish preserves it in the fridge. The general consensus is that it does not, though there are exceptions to this. Some people say that vacuum sealing fish can actually cause it to spoil faster. Because of the lack of oxygen and moisture.

Typically, fish will last in the fridge for 3-5 days. As long as the fish has been properly sealed in a vacuum-sealed bag, it should stay fresh and edible.

In this content, we will also reveal several effective tactics which help you to keep your food fresh for a long time. 

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Fish Last in The Fridge: Based on Fishes

Keeping fish fresh in the fridge is essential if you want to keep the flavour and smell intact. All fish do not have the same capabilities for remaining fresh without losing their flavor in the refrigerator. Here are several examples: 

For Packaged Fish

Packaged fish can typically be stored in the fridge for up to two days. It’s best to store packaged fish on ice. You can also store in the coldest part of the fridge – generally at the bottom. Store your fish wrapped in an airtight container or resealable plastic bag. You should not keep fresh fish in the fridge longer

For Tuna Fish

In most cases, tuna is good beyond this date, but the quality may not be at its peak. Once you open vacuum-sealed tuna in your fridge, the fish lasts two to three days. If you freeze solid, unopened tuna in a can, it lasts more than one year before it starts to lose quality. 

For Cooked Shrimp

Can you eat cooked shrimp after 5 days? No! Cooked shrimp lasts 3-4 days in the fridge. But one of the best ways to extend its shelf life is to freeze it. If you’ve got an opened, it’ll keep for 1-2 days past its “use by” date. If the shrimp smells fishy, metallic or like ammonia, throw it out immediately.

For Raw Fish

Raw fish and shellfish should be kept in the refrigerator no more than 2 days  before cooking. Fish should not be thawed on the counter. Because bacteria on the surface of the fish attract can grow rapidly. Don’t allow cooked seafood to sit at room temperature longer than 2 hours.

How to Store Fish in The Refrigerator: For Vacuum Sealed Fish

We have compiled for you a step-by-step guideline about how to store fish in the refrigerator. So if you have a vacuum sealed fish and have no idea how to store it, then this section will be useful for you. 

Step 1: Do a little research on the vacuum sealed fish you bought

It is always a good idea to do a little research on the vacuum sealed fish you are about to buy. This is especially true if you are not familiar with vacuum sealing. It is important to read the packaging and do your research before buying vacuum sealed fish.

Step 2: Check the expiration date on the vacuum sealed fish.

However, if you are looking to store vacuum sealed fish for an extended period of time, it is important to check the expiration date. Many vacuum sealed fish products have an expiration date of up to three months. But some may have a shorter shelf life.

Step 3: Place the vacuum sealed fish in the fridge. 

Now, it’s time to place the vacuum sealed fish in the refrigerator. Try to use a cover and put it in the deep section of the fridge. Don’t open the fridge frequently. 

Step 4: Enjoy your vacuum sealed fish!

To ensure freshness, it is better to keep the fish in your refrigerator for at least 2 to 4 days before using. Putting it in a container as soon as you get home will make sure that the taste stays intact.


People are still unaware about their health and take any kind of dish without checking its quality. ‘Safety First’. So, you should be aware before taking any sealed fish. Otherwise, your health might be in danger. There are several precautions that you should maintain before eating sealed fish. Let’s have a look:

(i) Check the expiry date: First of all, you should check the expiry date of the sealed fish. The food authority doesn’t allow any kind of fishing line after the expiry date. So, before buying the sealed fish, you should check that properly.

(ii) Check the manufacturing company: You also need to aware about the manufacturing country of the fish. As there are lots of countries who use dangerous chemicals to increase the size of their fishes. It is really harmful for human health. So, be careful about selecting fish.

(iii) Not recommended for pregnant women: Sealed fish contains high amounts of mercury that is a problem for a pregnant woman’s health. So, it’s not recommended for pregnant women.

(iv) Not balanced: Sealed fish could be contaminated with chemicals like PCBs and dioxin which can build up in the body over time and cause harm. So, you should maintain a proper balance. 

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs) 

Question: Is it better to vacuum seal fish or freeze in water?

Answer: Some people believe that vacuum sealing fish preserves it better. Because the air is removed. Others believe that freezing it in water preserves it better. Because the ice crystals can break down the proteins in the fish.

However, both methods have their benefits and drawbacks. Vacuum sealing fish can be a little more expensive, but it can last longer in the fridge. Freezing in water can be cheaper, but it may not preserve the fish as well.

Now the decision is yours. It depends which method do you like most.

Question: Should you dry fish before freezing?

Answer: It depends on a variety of factors, including the type of fish and how dry it is when you freeze it. Generally speaking, if the fish is fresh and hasn’t been preserved in any way, it should be dried before freezing. Besides, If the fish has been preserved (such as in a vacuum pack) then freezing will not damage it. Similarly, the moisture in the fish will be frozen along with the food.

Question: Can bacteria grow in vacuum sealed fish?

Answer: Vacuum sealing foods (not just fish) will prevent freezer burn, but it won’t kill bacteria. If you thaw frozen fish in the kitchen instead of the fridge, it is more likely to grow germs. You should never refreeze raw fish after it has been thawed. If you eat raw or under-cooked fish, it’s best to use sushi-grade fish.

It’s really important to make sure your fish has been cooked thoroughly. Besides, you should not refreeze it if you are not sure of its safety. Raw fish isn’t something to mess with.

Question: Can you eat vacuum sealed fish after use by date?

Answer: If the fish is vacuum sealed, you may use it past the “use by” date. The use by date does not indicate when the fish is unsafe to eat. Some fresh fish lasts for a longer period of time, although not as long as if it was vacuum sealed. Always inspect your fish before cooking.

You can eat and cook any fish, even vacuum sealed old fish, if it has not spoiled. Once you have opened your vacuum-sealed fish, you should either eat or freeze it within two days. So, you can safely eat vacuum-sealed fish past its sell by date.

Final word

Fish is highly perishable, that means it spoils very quickly. Vacuum sealing helps keep bacteria and other microbes out of the food. But, how long does vacuum sealed fish last in the fridge? Actually it depends on the type of fish. In this context, we had already discussed it. If you have any confusion, you can read our article from top to bottom again.

So guys, now we are remaining at the end of the article. If you have any questions about this topic then you can send us a message via email. You can also share your opinion through leaving a comment. Thank you!

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